Motherless, Jobless, and whacked out of my mind!!!

There’s no incentive to getting out of bed than looking for a job. And losing my mother has set off a bomb in my chest. Yeah, all of this at the same time. This Job loss, well, its feels like a necessary push in the right direction. A little far, but I have to get there some time.

Moma is watching over me. She even came to me in a dream one early morning. I did a little yard work at my parents home one Saturday morning and I felt good about edging the grass. Well, in my dream my mother decided to go outside to see the work I had completed and the siblings and I all told her not to go out there alone and to wait for us to assist her down the step (she used a walker), but she went down the steps fast and alone and was saying what a great job I did, then disappeared, and my dream; well, it ended too.

See, mom was still approving all that I do. She is my Angel. She watches over me. So, mom, I know I can’t be selfish and pray you back to earth; I will only continue to do all the good I can in life and finish my business at hand as planned. Begin my mobile business and become kinder and more patient.

Unemployment puts a complete halt to any plans. What do I do now? Well, making a way is what I do. Job searching is draining and a bit discouraging to say the least. I just pray it gets better.

Will keep you all posted with my search; not just for a job, but a search for a better me.

Stay blessed. For as much as I have suffered, I know my way is still being paved out for me and God has not forsaken me. Be blessed.




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